About Me


I’ve always loved words. They have the power to bring the deepest depth out of the simplest idea. They can revolutionize and rebuke; instigate and inspire; encourage and enhance; bring forth gratitude and growth. I hope through these words I write to  provoke thought, create collaboration, engage insight, uplift hearts, teach tough lessons, and challenge the mundane.

I am a wife and a mother, which in an of themselves, offer many lessons of which I am daily a student. Often the lessons repeat themselves, and I am held captive to be taught the same one(s) once again.

I am also a teacher and an instructional coach. I aspire to be a positive change-agent in the realm of education. I have by no means “arrived”, but I’d like to share some insights I’ve picked and learned along the way.

More importantly, I am a Believer in Christ, and am a recipient of His grace, teaching and guidance He patiently gives me.

I’m forever a learner, forever a teacher, forever grateful for every word that has shaped me to be Simply Regina…


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